Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Essence of Orange

Essence of Orange

We first met in the part of the city that will always be winter.
I fell for you when the story began.
The moving pictures lit our path to take,
and it made my dark blood tingle.

You listened to the trees,
and told me to believe in the starlight.
You took me to the park under the pale moon,
and whispered to me of irresistible,
mortal delicacies.

I remember the meal that made us sweet,
of our overindulgence in rich promises.
The conversation that was heavy with lust,
and sugared with the essence of oranges.

In October,
your eyes fell only upon February.
After the whirlwind had left for tomorrow,
your innocence was lost against moist lips
and we were left smiling embracing this adventure.

My poem 'Essence of Orange' is one of my poems that I consider experimental. I wrote this in 2010, I had in my mind that I wanted to write a poem about a memory but make it more abstract. So this is my poetic abstract interpretation of my first date with my hubby Carl.
'Essence of Orange' will be in my upcoming ebook, which I have been told will be out before the end of the month! I'm very excited about my ebook and watch out for a very excited blog update when it's out! :)

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