Sunday, 20 May 2012



I saw through the swaying white tipped leaves,
in the violet scent of dusk;
watched the stars align over the land and seas.
The moon embraced the sun,
white light engulfed the sky,
then faded to an indigo sphere
flickering with life.

The Seven Sisters all bathed in night,
sat within a halo, cradled the fragile eclipse.
The earth under my feet vibrated with love,
and the trees hummed with abundance.
I heard the keys of the celestial clocks begin to chime,
bringing forth the Age of the Water Bearer.

My poem Eclipse written especially for today.

Today is a very auspicious day! I know most people will have heard already about the annular eclipse, but this eclipse is also an alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and the constellation Pleiades, known in Greek mythology as The Seven Sisters. This is the first time this has happened in 26,000 years! This is all so fascinating to me, I have an interest in Astrology and Astronomy. There are a lot of predictions floating around the internet, some crazy, some hopeful. The main interpretation about the alignment is that its a new beginning for human kind, bear in mind that the last time this happened saw the demise of the Neanderthals in Europe. So who really knows what will happen, isn't life one vast mystery anyway :)
Even Nostradamus may have said something about this alignment. Many of his predictions have come true. He predicted the great fire of London and the rise of Nazi Germany and even named Hitler! (he called him Hister) Maybe today nothing will happen at all, and then maybe years to come today will be marked as a turning point that we knew nothing about at this present moment in time or maybe the crazy people will be proved right!! lol Check out the link for more info ~

Today is also a personal anniversary for me. It was 10 years ago that I nearly died from Meningitis. This was an awful part of my past that has left me with some strange side effects, which I suppose could be useful for writing poetry in a strange kind of way. I seem to have false memories, especially from the times before and after Meningitis. Things that I swear I remember vividly never happened and yet sometimes I have no memory whatsoever about events I am told I definitely saw. The worst one is when I 'copy and paste' a memory! lol sorry for the computer pun, this is when someone tells me a memory of theirs and I forget that they have told me and this becomes 'my' memory, that I might repeat back to them at some point and look stupid! Anyway today for me should be a celebration of being alive :)


  1. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your poetry. Sometime poetry bubbles out of the poet like a mountain spring, but other times it has to be hauled up like water in a well. Whichever it is or was, thanks!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I am glad you enjoyed reading this :) I would say eclipse was a bubbling up like a mountain spring poem.