Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ebook Delay

Hi everyone,

Sadly my ebook will not be available today as I have said in earlier posts. Valley Press is a very busy independent publisher this year.

Right at this moment in time I don't know when it will be out. Also Amazon can take anything from a few hours to a week to upload an ebook apparently. I'll be posting when the ebook is definitely available for sale.

I hope there's someone out there that wants to buy 'Silver Threads' when its presented to the world.

Here is a little taster of something that I am writing at the moment ~

I wrote my story on a pebble,
and in a fluid, sinuous movement
cast it across the endless green sea.
It's ripples ran deep underneath the surface,
carrying the silver pennies, of a glittering tide
Hugging the coastlines,
growing to become a whispering tidal swell.

This story poem  (as I have called it because its much longer then my usual poems) still hasn't got a title - Any suggestions will be very welcome :)

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