Monday, 28 May 2012

City by the Sea

City by the Sea

The grey clouds hastened onwards,
burdened with winter rain.
Brought by north sea winds
they weighed heavily on the bricks and mortar
of the city by the sea.

Walls that hold tales of life,
of lives lived behind the same painted door
from the first steps to the very last.
The night claims these streets now.
Voices become muffled and lost in dark shadows.

Street lights now have their part to play
and flicker in sterile orange hues
illuminating the cold wet cobbles.
Figures move beneath these lights
in hurried and watchful strides.

Darkened house windows
mirror life back out to the streets.
With heads bowed and shrouded in black,
the safety of many has gone.
Now the sound of lone footsteps
echo down alleys devoid of humanity,
in the city by the sea.

This is my poem City by the Sea, which was featured on the website . It was part of the commemoration for 25 years since Philip Larkin's death, who is the famous poet of Hull, even though he wasn't born in Hull! lol which was a shock to me when I found out as well! This city is now littered with toads (thanks to his poem named 'Toads'!) all in different colours and designs. We even had a Mohawk toad with his bright red hair which someone stole, then there was a whole campaign by the local newspaper to have the hair returned - talk about a city of culture!

I wrote this in 2010. This was the first poem I ever sent anywhere to be published. It was just on the off chance, totally forgot about it and never heard anything back so assumed that it had been rejected. It wasn't until months later when in an egocentric moment that I googled my own name (everyone does!) that it came up on the website. I was really shocked! I kept saying for days in a smug voice 'yeah! I've been published!' So 'City by the Sea' has a special place in my heart for being the first of my poems to take the shaky steps into the big outside world. I hope you all enjoy a bit of darkness on this gorgeous sunny day :)

Thursday the 31st is fast approaching! My ebook 'Silver Threads' is still on course to be available on Kindle - Watch this space!