Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ebook Delay

Hi everyone,

Sadly my ebook will not be available today as I have said in earlier posts. Valley Press is a very busy independent publisher this year.

Right at this moment in time I don't know when it will be out. Also Amazon can take anything from a few hours to a week to upload an ebook apparently. I'll be posting when the ebook is definitely available for sale.

I hope there's someone out there that wants to buy 'Silver Threads' when its presented to the world.

Here is a little taster of something that I am writing at the moment ~

I wrote my story on a pebble,
and in a fluid, sinuous movement
cast it across the endless green sea.
It's ripples ran deep underneath the surface,
carrying the silver pennies, of a glittering tide
Hugging the coastlines,
growing to become a whispering tidal swell.

This story poem  (as I have called it because its much longer then my usual poems) still hasn't got a title - Any suggestions will be very welcome :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

City by the Sea

City by the Sea

The grey clouds hastened onwards,
burdened with winter rain.
Brought by north sea winds
they weighed heavily on the bricks and mortar
of the city by the sea.

Walls that hold tales of life,
of lives lived behind the same painted door
from the first steps to the very last.
The night claims these streets now.
Voices become muffled and lost in dark shadows.

Street lights now have their part to play
and flicker in sterile orange hues
illuminating the cold wet cobbles.
Figures move beneath these lights
in hurried and watchful strides.

Darkened house windows
mirror life back out to the streets.
With heads bowed and shrouded in black,
the safety of many has gone.
Now the sound of lone footsteps
echo down alleys devoid of humanity,
in the city by the sea.

This is my poem City by the Sea, which was featured on the website . It was part of the commemoration for 25 years since Philip Larkin's death, who is the famous poet of Hull, even though he wasn't born in Hull! lol which was a shock to me when I found out as well! This city is now littered with toads (thanks to his poem named 'Toads'!) all in different colours and designs. We even had a Mohawk toad with his bright red hair which someone stole, then there was a whole campaign by the local newspaper to have the hair returned - talk about a city of culture!

I wrote this in 2010. This was the first poem I ever sent anywhere to be published. It was just on the off chance, totally forgot about it and never heard anything back so assumed that it had been rejected. It wasn't until months later when in an egocentric moment that I googled my own name (everyone does!) that it came up on the website. I was really shocked! I kept saying for days in a smug voice 'yeah! I've been published!' So 'City by the Sea' has a special place in my heart for being the first of my poems to take the shaky steps into the big outside world. I hope you all enjoy a bit of darkness on this gorgeous sunny day :)

Thursday the 31st is fast approaching! My ebook 'Silver Threads' is still on course to be available on Kindle - Watch this space!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Some of Her Parts ~ By Natascha Scrivener

Some Of Her Parts

Jennifer Schecter.
For you the words from a salted tongue
Used to pepper pages of precious thoughts
Your eyes a glacial picture of togetherness and sanity
But behind them rots the dream of oneself
An ingénue, a writer, a naive complicated saboteur,
A puzzle, a monster.

Jenny Schecter.
You are the demon that tempts me
A child immortalised behind the fictional façade of a tragic alter ego:
A girl washed up on the shores of a daydream
Fastened into place with a full stop.

At the end of your fingertips, the world is sublime
A place of freedom, pointilised reality and realist fiction
It is only when you look up
That the weather vane that points so accusingly in your direction
Takes on a much more sinister charm than before.

For you the fruit of my thoughts
Masquerading as something divine when you want to eat them
And something detestable when you don’t.
Whatever your intentions they will always be thoughts, dreams
The rattle of the train next to your own leaving the station
The flicker of something in an empty room.
The creak of something unexplained at night.
A monster.

You could never have the freedom of a bird,
With the weight of such stories upon your shoulders
Your human body shackles you to the ground
And now you will sit, forever weaving tales, perpetually waiting.
For the wind to lift you off of your feet

This beautiful poem is by the very talented Natascha Scrivener who I met on Twitter. This poem is from her anthology of the same name and is available to buy from Lulu, Amazon and Barnes & Noble under her maiden name of Natascha Tallowin. Here is the link to buy her amazing work on Amazon ~ 

This is the first of my features for the poets who in my opinion 'should be famous!' and Natascha is definitely one of them. Her poems are dreamlike and captivating, I love her use of language and words.

The artwork is another example of my Mum's talent. This one she classes as a 'doodle' but as someone said on her Facebook page 'that's a mighty fine doodle!'  Here is a link to her Facebook page ~ Julie Kennedy Art

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Daisy Chains on a Summer's Day

Daisy Chains

And we listened to the trees,
as they sang of voyeuristic summer nights.

Your hand held in mine,
holding you close

I told you to wear a dark charm

for you are far too precious to lose to a stray north wind.

A solar flare caught our eye,

and for one moment as the sky blossomed

I fell, transfixed by love.

The grass is vibrant beneath my feet ,
so please don't be fooled,
by promises that glitter in the hazy sunlight.
Our shadows are getting restless,
jittery and wistful.
I will leave with your savoured kisses still fresh.

It's a glorious summer's day here in Yorkshire. I have been sunning myself outside and my cat has  been slowly baking on the windowsill. All this sunshine has put me in a positive mood and I wanted to share with my readers a gorgeous summer poem. This is my poem 'Daisy Chains' written in about 2010, I think. I started this poem with an 'And' - I remember I got a lot of people asking me why I had done this on allpoetry. Some people hated it, some people thought that it was a great way to start a poem. I was experimenting with different styles at the time (I still do) and wanted this to be an informal introduction to a poem, maybe feeling like you are suddenly being swept up in a moment or catching a stray emotional conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

Silver Threads, my upcoming ebook now has a publication date! It's going to be for sale on Amazon in kindle form on the 31st of May. I'm so excited! I think I'm going that have a celebration drink when its out and probably sit for a few hours staring at it on Amazon, grinning like a moron.

Also my lovely friend and fellow poet/novelist Natascha Scrivener has written a feature on her blog about my poem 'Orlando' (which will be included in 'Silver Threads') You can read it here ~

She is a beautiful and inspirational writer, watch out for a feature of her poetry on my blog in the not too distant future. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Aren't haikus wonderful and varied, they can be short single ones or long verses of single ones telling a story. This is another aspect of poetry that I discovered on I loved entering the haiku competitions on the site, though I can't say that I won many! but I enjoyed the challenge. I once held a competition of my own on the site, I set the quite creative prompt of haikus on anything to do with the universe and stars. Many of my haikus have the word 'summer' or 'spring' in them, that's because I read on the internet somewhere that a traditional haiku has to have the 5-7-5 syllable count and also mention a season. I'm sure the excellent haiku writers out there have done this much more subtly than me! lol 

Below is my haiku that explains haikus :) It's one of my favourites, and the one I recite when anyone mentions them ~

haiku I have done,
its easy when you know how ~
to talk like Yoda 

and this is a traditional nature haiku inspired by a gorgeous picture of a dragonfly ~


fragile rhythmic wings,
vibrant green shimmering love ~                                        summer hearts do fly


Sunday, 20 May 2012



I saw through the swaying white tipped leaves,
in the violet scent of dusk;
watched the stars align over the land and seas.
The moon embraced the sun,
white light engulfed the sky,
then faded to an indigo sphere
flickering with life.

The Seven Sisters all bathed in night,
sat within a halo, cradled the fragile eclipse.
The earth under my feet vibrated with love,
and the trees hummed with abundance.
I heard the keys of the celestial clocks begin to chime,
bringing forth the Age of the Water Bearer.

My poem Eclipse written especially for today.

Today is a very auspicious day! I know most people will have heard already about the annular eclipse, but this eclipse is also an alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and the constellation Pleiades, known in Greek mythology as The Seven Sisters. This is the first time this has happened in 26,000 years! This is all so fascinating to me, I have an interest in Astrology and Astronomy. There are a lot of predictions floating around the internet, some crazy, some hopeful. The main interpretation about the alignment is that its a new beginning for human kind, bear in mind that the last time this happened saw the demise of the Neanderthals in Europe. So who really knows what will happen, isn't life one vast mystery anyway :)
Even Nostradamus may have said something about this alignment. Many of his predictions have come true. He predicted the great fire of London and the rise of Nazi Germany and even named Hitler! (he called him Hister) Maybe today nothing will happen at all, and then maybe years to come today will be marked as a turning point that we knew nothing about at this present moment in time or maybe the crazy people will be proved right!! lol Check out the link for more info ~

Today is also a personal anniversary for me. It was 10 years ago that I nearly died from Meningitis. This was an awful part of my past that has left me with some strange side effects, which I suppose could be useful for writing poetry in a strange kind of way. I seem to have false memories, especially from the times before and after Meningitis. Things that I swear I remember vividly never happened and yet sometimes I have no memory whatsoever about events I am told I definitely saw. The worst one is when I 'copy and paste' a memory! lol sorry for the computer pun, this is when someone tells me a memory of theirs and I forget that they have told me and this becomes 'my' memory, that I might repeat back to them at some point and look stupid! Anyway today for me should be a celebration of being alive :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm Ready

My poem 'I'm Ready' is a little snippet of my dark poetry, which I do write from time to time when I am feeling particularly darkly inspired and I'm sure people will get the Alice in Wonderland connection :)

I saw this when checking out a Canadian poetry magazine to submit to. I didn't end up submitting anything because the website and blog page had been dead for months, so I figured that they had closed down. They asked poets to submit files of hand written poetry, what they wanted was the original page - that moment when pen and paper meet and the creativity starts flowing. Poets who had submitted earlier had had loads of fun with this concept and written how ever they liked and added doodles etc I just loved the idea! I thought I would try this myself with this short poem of mine, all hand written by me in my best Tim Burton handwriting style. This is another of my poems that will be in the eagerly awaited 'Silver Threads'

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Short Poetry

Today I thought I would share some of my short poems or 'shorts' as I call them. Most of these are shorts that I wrote while a member of for site competitions. The usual rules were that the contest holder gave out a 'prompt' something that the poem should be about or something to inspire, sometimes it was a photo or another poem and you were to write a 'short' in say, 50 words or less. Most of the time it was a phrase or a single word, and they always asked for 'brevity!' If you could take their breath away in a single line you'd cracked it! . The competitions were a lot of fun on the whole and really got the creative juices flowing :)


I once dreamed of a world without words,
devoid of song and laughter.
Where thoughts lingered, floating
within unspoken words our passions raged.


We waited for our shadows to return,
they didn't,

and we remain incomplete.


Paint me into your abstract thoughts.

Colour me a rich lazuli blue,
with a honeyed, amber dialect

Forget the conversations of yesterday,
create with me a cerulean sunrise.

I really do love the line 'Colour me a rich lazuli blue, with a honeyed, amber dialect' I just love mixing up language! Why can't you have a honeyed, amber dialect? It just sounds so luscious! lol

The artwork is by my amazing Mum! Who is the most beautiful artist and person. This piece is called 'Dance of the Ondines' and the print is for sale on her gorgeous website here -, along with other beauties :) 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

Somewhere between the death of a tyrant,
and the pains of an oncoming spring
my heart died just a little.
With frantic beats and thick white scars,
its panic was like the desperate fluttering of a trapped bird.
The pain in my bones was like colourful lightning,
a starlight red fading to a gasping aftershock;
too many memories I was trying to forget,
my poor heart was weak.
This is not how my story ends,
there will be a day when you are forgotten.
This is my poem 'Heavy Heart', written in February 2011 when I was having problems with my blood pressure and was sent by my doctor for a heart scan. Thankfully everything is fine now but it was quite scary at the time and I did have chest pain, and it did feel like 'colourful lightening'.
I wanted to share this today because while emailing a friend who writes very similar to me and discussing poetry she told me someone had asked her if she had Synesthesia?!  
Basically this is a neurological condition were suffers see numbers as colours, see smell as colour etc When she told me this I instantly thought of this poem and the line 'The pain in my bones was like colourful lightening, a starlight red fading to a gasping aftershock' I thought it was a near perfect example! Also I had said in an earlier email to her  'I especially love turning things like an emotion or a feeling into - a memory, a smell, a taste etc. - making something solid into a fluid'. So maybe I have synesthesia? I just think that's how you make poetry fun and interesting. Why say something simply when you can mix it up and change a feeling into a smell? What would sunshine taste of? What language would the stars speak to us in? Maybe it's just me :) 
This is another of my poems that will be included in my upcoming ebook 'Silver Threads' It's so close I can almost taste it! lol Getting very excited now that it's so near!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Essence of Orange

Essence of Orange

We first met in the part of the city that will always be winter.
I fell for you when the story began.
The moving pictures lit our path to take,
and it made my dark blood tingle.

You listened to the trees,
and told me to believe in the starlight.
You took me to the park under the pale moon,
and whispered to me of irresistible,
mortal delicacies.

I remember the meal that made us sweet,
of our overindulgence in rich promises.
The conversation that was heavy with lust,
and sugared with the essence of oranges.

In October,
your eyes fell only upon February.
After the whirlwind had left for tomorrow,
your innocence was lost against moist lips
and we were left smiling embracing this adventure.

My poem 'Essence of Orange' is one of my poems that I consider experimental. I wrote this in 2010, I had in my mind that I wanted to write a poem about a memory but make it more abstract. So this is my poetic abstract interpretation of my first date with my hubby Carl.
'Essence of Orange' will be in my upcoming ebook, which I have been told will be out before the end of the month! I'm very excited about my ebook and watch out for a very excited blog update when it's out! :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

A Fantastic Weekend

I have had an amazing weekend with so much going on its been completely mind boggling! Firstly on Saturday I had a lovely meeting with my publisher Jamie and editor to discuss the imminent arrival of my ebook. We had a great chat and it was so nice to finally meet Ele (my editor) for the first time. I actually inspired her to write a new poem all about tattoos! Who else can say that they inspire their editor!

Saturday night and Sunday just blew me away! Our friend Alyson on Facebook has a spiritual page called 'The Sacred Journey of the Soul 2', which posts spiritual quotes and artwork to 46,828 fans. She posted my poems 'Written in the Stars' on Saturday night and 'Muse' on Sunday afternoon and the response was just incredible! Combined they have been shared 199 times and have 361 likes! You should have seen my face, we just sat and gasped as we watched the numbers go up and up! There were some heart felt comments from people all over the world in places like Mexico, Afghanistan, America, South Africa and loads more, saying how much they loved my poems.
The icing on the cake was that 'Written in the Stars' was translated by a woman in Mexico into Spanish! and 'Muse' was translated by a man in Brazil into Portuguese! I went a bit mute from the shock when that happened! I'm just a girl from Yorkshire, this doesn't happen to girls from Yorkshire that write alone in their bedroom and only got a C at GCSE English! (That was due to me leaving school because of being bullied! In my mock exams I got an A, this has been a thorn in my side ever since! lol) So thank you Alyson from the bottom of my heart for the amazing publicity and thank you also to the people that shared, liked and left the beautiful comments on Facebook.

Here is 'Written in the Stars' in Spanish (I'm so so chuffed with this!)

Escrito en las Estrellas

Yo soy el portador de agua, el portador de las lluvias,
la fuerza vital de crecimiento, la selva en flor.
Yo traigo risa y la alegría, el funcionamiento interno de la mente.
Yo soy la luz y el aire y el ser de la verdadera amistad.

Yo soy el sol a finales del verano se reflejaba en las hojas oscuras de color esmeralda
Yo soy la Virgen que las cosechas de maíz de oro de la madura,
Yo soy la pureza y la perfección, soy Midas renacer.
Yo soy la sal de la tierra y el espíritu de los campos.

Tengo frío al tacto, muertas las hojas caídas,
las memorias de los otoños pasados el flujo en las venas.
Yo soy la envidia y la pasión oscura y el mundo subterráneo oculto.
Yo soy el líquido y profundo, estoy integral del agua de los Mundos.

Estoy escrito en las estrellas, yo soy complejo y un acertijo,
Yo soy de carne y hueso, pero yo soy parte de la vida.

Poema de Jade Kennedy

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Poetic Anniversary

Its my anniversary, of sorts! 3 years ago today I put my first poem on the website This wasn't the first poem I ever wrote, not by a long shot and it wasn't the first one I wrote outside of childhood. There were many, angry 'nobody understands me' poems when I was a confused teen, some of my poems even now still have a small element of that! It was the first poem I truly felt proud of and thought 'what the hell' and put it on the internet for all the world to see. 
The rest of the summer of 2009 was spent in a kind of mad writing haze! I was obsessed with words and poetry! I wrote about 3-4 poems a week non stop until about November, when I finally slowed down and realised that I'd written about 50 poems! I have about 150 now. So happy anniversary to me and thank you to all the people on that were so supportive of me and my fledgling writings, and also thank you always to my mum and Carl who supported and encouraged me in that mad writing summer and still do now.

The first poem I put on allpoetry was called 'Written in the Stars' and the next 2 called 'Muse' and 'Dawn' were written and posted within 2 days after the first, as I said it was a writing frenzy! I look back on them and realise how far I have come. Here is a small snippet of 'Written in the Stars'

I am the late summer sun reflected off dark emerald leaves
I am the virgin that harvests the ripe golden corn,
I am purity and perfection, I am Midas reborn.
I am the salt of the earth and the spirit of the fields.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Where it all began

So this is where it all began for me, at the age of about nine and one of my first ever poems. I remember vividly sitting at the table in our front room and writing this, probably during the summer holidays because I remember writing it in the warm sunshine. I have copied this verbatim, along with the massive spelling mistakes and stupid layout! But hey its pretty good for a nine years old, and I do love the big X's through words when I know I've spelled it wrong in the original! lol

The Shadows

I am all alone in
a dark, dustiy, lonley
the only ligth was
the silver glow from
moon thourght the plan
and the fireiy light
that shone around me
but in the saylans 
ther is a movemnt
the door slow slow
opens and a dark 
shadows seps into the wall
and runs around the room
it runs back to the 
door and holds 
the hand and a nuter
shadow steps into the 
room and Dances
around and around the room
and dances the night away
and the silver glow of
the trurns into the golden glow
of sunshine and the shadows
faed away and the suts
with a gust of wind
and the glow around me 
has gone I sit and wat
in the golden glow and wat
untill next nights dance

Who would have ever read that and thought 'This girls gonna be a poet!' My spelling was and still is sometimes horrific! I still have a spelling test book from 'Class 7' so I would be about 6 to 7 and I look through it sometimes for a good laugh! One of my favourites is my spelling of the months of the year;

January - Jamwer
February - Fedyweiy
July - Julay
August - Ogust
September - Setember
October - Ootoober
December - Dsewder

So there is hope for everyone and anyone! :)