Monday, 30 April 2012

A bit about me...

So this is my first blog ever!! I'm a bit nervous to be honest but I have a new mantra to be a bit more of an egomaniac, but in a good way. So hopefully in these blogs I'll add little morsels of info about my poetry and the random writings that I do. I'll share links to places that I have been featured/published, competitions that I enter and the latest news on my upcoming ebook! I intend to add snippets of new poems and explain my own writing process, to myself and anyone who reads this. So I hope there is someone out there that's interested and listening or this will just be me talking to myself! :)

The picture is a (badly) scanned image of the wonderful ezine Eclectic Eel (who is on blogspot but I have no idea how to link to her but I'm sure she will show me at some point) and this is my poem on the left called Constantly Summer. I wrote this not long after my Nana died in 2009. Her favourite things in the world were her garden and feeding and watching her birds and I thought if there ever was a heaven, this would be what she would wish for.

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