Monday, 24 December 2012

A Very Merry Christmas to all my Readers

'The sparkle will soon return to the air, the breath of mortals will soon be visible to all and winter will hold us all in her awe, too beautiful to describe.'

Hello and a very Merry Christmas to one and all! Just one more sleep and we can all open those beautifully wrapped presents, that have been tempting us for days :) We have a silver and red theme this year so all our presents are in red wrapping paper and look very festive.

I hope you like the quote above. It is from some recent automatic writing and I hope you all like the photo of Fluff our cat. This is from last Christmas, she is being very patient as I put decorations around her to get a good photo. Please excuse her dirty nose! lol She is a pig and goes head first into her food.

However you celebrate I hope you all have a happy, joyous, festive day tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Poetry News and Angela Carter

'Midnight, and the clock strikes. It is Christmas Day, the werewolves' birthday, the door of the solstice still wide enough open to let them all slink through.'
                                                                                                                                               By Angela Carter from 'The Company of Wolves'

Well it's nearly here! A week today is Christmas Day! If I was 20 years younger I would be beside myself with ecstatic joy! (I was probably a right pain at Christmas when I was a kid lol) I still have that belief that it's a magical time of year but getting older calms it all down,  at least I haven't lost my love of Christmas just yet.

I couldn't resist this quote. It's Christmasy, macabre and fairytale-like all rolled into one, love it :)

To be honest there isn't that much in the way of news to report. I am still getting compliments and chatting with the other writers about Scratch @ Fruit. I am still smiling about my review and generally winding down, looking forward to Christmas with my family and hopefully a great 2013. I wanted to share some links though, to things I have been reading recently. The first thing I wanted to share was this insightful blog post by Judi Sutherland asking What's Wrong with Poetry? - some great views into what people really think about poetry and poets.

Also a really shocking article in The Guardian as to how women are viewed in Theatre: Women in Theatre; why do so few make it to the top?

Just to remind you all that the 'December Giveaway' is still on going, please if you have any poetry, maybe hidden away gathering dust - send it in! Give it an airing! It could be featured on here and you get a free PDF of 'Silver Threads' for the New Year :) 

The next post will be on Christmas Eve to wish you all Festive Blessings. Have a fantastic week :)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Review of 'Silver Threads' on Little Library Muse

Another great review of 'Silver Threads' by Latoya Hudson of Little Library Muse.

This one came out of the blue! I emailed her way back in September and asked if she would be interested in reviewing 'Silver Threads' for her blog. How it usually works is if they reply saying 'Yes' I send a free PDF copy. Latoya must have bought 'Silver Threads', because I didn't know anything until a few days ago when she emailed me and said the review would be live today. So thank you so much Latoya for the lovely review and for buying :)

'I think the author did a wonderful job expressing different moments and emotions in these poems. She has a way of making the words visually transpose into these little "threads" of inner thought.'

You can see the whole review on Little Library Muse, with the poem 'Expectations' - which I think must have been one of her favourites from 'Silver Threads'

What a great way to end the week. Have a great weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Morning After Scratch @ Fruit

Photograph by Jerome Whittingham

Last night was amazing. I really can't describe how fantastic it was! I was surrounded by such supportive, lovely, creative people. It was one of those 'So this is where I belong!' moments.

The photo on the right is from my excerpt of 'Dragonflies in Amber' performed by the fantastic Erica Barker and Louise Brown - actresses really are worth their weight in gold! It is such a heart-warming thing to hear your words lifted off the page and performed perfectly. I think Erica and Louise have great acting careers in their futures. Both of them were in quite a few other plays last night and never faltered once! :)

The beautiful photo was taken by the very talented Jerome Whittingham, who took photos of all the performances and is a Facebook friend of both me and my Mum. He came along with lots of support and his very professional looking camera. You can see the rest of his photos of the night on Photo Moments

Even though my heart was beating like crazy when I and my play was introduced, the organiser Dave Windass said that 'Dragonflies in Amber' was 'a cracking piece of writing' I think my glow might have been visible at that moment! There were 11 play excerpts altogether from some great writers, including myself, my Mum and our fellow female writing group classmate Louise Beech who's excerpt 'A Christmas Casserole' was fantastic - I must admit I clapped the loudest when all ours came on! lol Well who wouldn't!?

Thank you Louise for this photo

From left to right; Me, Erica Barker, Julie Kennedy (my Mum) & Louise Beech

It truly was a wonderful night and I hope it is the start of something good. Thank you everyone who came to watch and give their support and encouragement. :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

December Giveaway - Gransel & Hetel by Stephanie Fletcher

Gransel and Hetel ran into the wood,
playing among the evergreen trees, 
to celebrate freedom newly hard won 
after killing dear mother with ease.

Having grown tired of relentless nagging, 
constantly tasked with tedious chores, 
they lopped off her head and flung it aside 
as her body sank down to the floor.

They beamed oh so brightly swelling with pride 
as they went skipping along their way; 
venturing further into the dark wood 
than they’d ever been before that day.

As the path narrowed they rounded a bend 
to step into a delicious sight. 
They had grown weary, with stomachs growling, 
the house looked like a tasty delight.

This young duo stood frozen in wonder 
gazing upon a gingerbread house. 
Hetel quipped a nibble could do no harm, 
tried to sneak up, but stepped on a mouse.

He let out a squeak, the mouse, not Hetel, 
as his eyes burst out from their sockets. 
Gransel stooped down to pick each one up and 
deftly stuffed them into her pockets.

The dark chocolate door slowly slid open 
after all of that ruckus they made. 
A gray head of mussed hair slowly poked out 
as an old raspy voice gently bade,

“Come in dear children. Come in have some treats. 
For, what lies within here you’ll love to eat. 
I’ll plump you up with, er, fill your tummies 
with cookies, gumdrops and tasty gummies. 

You’re weary and weak and surely must rest. 
Come now my sweet ones I’ll treat you the best.”

Scooped right up without a chance to deny 
they were soon seated at her table. 

Oddly, their chairs looked like large roasting pans, 
and the two were tied down with cable.

She quickly began to stuff their faces; 
fattening them up to her liking. 

For days this went on with her not knowing 
the ideas they were contriving.

Holding dried bones for the old bat to feel 
they managed to deceive her dim eyes. 

Without feeling plumping Gransel feared, soon, 
the insane kook would have to realize.

“Oh dear old woman who feeds us so well, 
you cannot see and your house, how it smells. 

I tell you, you need someone who can clean 
to tidy this place and make it all gleam. 
I’m sure you don’t want to eat in a mess 
I am a keen maid. To this I profess.”

The witch considered how helpful this was, 
then at last released the small liar; 
ordering her to wash table and floors, 
but to first stoke the fast dying fire.

Approaching the hearth Gransel eyed the logs 
spelling out “pluck me” in vibrant red. 
So, she picked up a charred end in her hand 
laying it upside their captor's head.

She released her brother who eyed the corpse 
proclaiming it should not go to waste. 
For, there was one thing in this wretched house 
that the two of them had yet to taste.

“A shame to leave what is already dead 
when we truly have not been very well fed. 
There’s a reason, to this house, we were led. 
Reckon brains go good with gingerbread?”

I know it is a very long poem but it's so worth it! This is a brilliant dark, twisted fairytale that could have only ever come from the mind of Stephanie Fletcher! Ok, let me explain - Steph is a good friend of mine that I met on Allpoetry years ago. She is a huge dark poetry fan and encouraged me to embrace the dark side (pun intended! lol) 

She saw on Facebook that I was hosting the 'December Giveaway of Silver Threads' and even though she already has 'Silver Threads' she asked if she could still submit some poetry and of course I couldn't pass up this great twisted tale. It has 'Chrsitmassy' elements too, dark elements but they are still there lol

So here is (I hope) the first of many poems featured on the 'December Giveaway' - I hope you enjoy it. 

Stephanie Fletcher is a very gifted poet and still writes on, you can read her poetry under her username of Concrete Angel 

Happy Thursday :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

'Silver Threads' December Giveaway

Hello again! I know I only just posted yesterday but I finally gave in to this idea last night of having a giveaway of 'Silver Threads' - I have been thinking of this for a while and decided Christmas would be a great time to give it a go.

I have created a new button up at the top with all the details you need to know but the gist is - you send me one of your best poems and if I like it you get it featured on here and a free PDF of 'Silver Threads' - Sound good??

I can't wait to read what you send me!

Good luck x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Poem of the Month for December - Thief

A buckle
where her mouth should be.
Clasped shut
sanded to a copper finish.

She was silenced from birth,
born with a stainless steel spine
and the thoughts
of an enlightened thief.

This is another one of my 'Steampunk Poetry' experiments and it didn't even have a title until I started writing this post! lol I thought it was a nice short one to share with you all and I particularly like the ending. I have noticed that I mostly write about women - their emotions, feelings, how they grow and learn. My play 'Dragonflies in Amber' is about two women. One is the Dreamer and the other, the Narrator is her 'other side' i.e - subconscious, imaginary friend etc. - it is about dreams and finding out who she is and why she acts the way she does. The dreams delve into every part of her (childhood, relationships, friendships) 

Things here are getting quite frantic and busy, which is great! I have found one actress to play one of the female characters on the 11th at Scratch @ Fruit - wow, it's just dawned on me that that is just 10 days away now! (panic). I was quite flippantly saying 'it's not till next month' until today, I had better get a move on! There are sadly no more of my female writers group classes until the New Year, but there is the huge brightness that is Christmas - I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year. Carl has always said that I made him more excited about Christmas by just being with me. And of course, this is my first Christmas as a married lady! but then the whole first year is a year of 'firsts' isn't it?

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Poetry News and Jacob Nordby

'Blessed are the weird people ~ 

poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours

~ for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.'

Hi everyone! Even though this is 'Poetry News' there isn't much news to report at the time besides the continued writing of 'Dragonflies in Amber'. The bones of the whole play is more or less written and now it needs a bit of rearranging, polishing and fattening out. I am quite proud of myself that I have 15 pages already and over 5000 words (not bad for me! lol) but it is still far from finished. I am so excited about Scratch @ Fruit on the 11th of December. I get really excited and then that fades to paranoia and total fear! I have been out today looking for something nice to wear on the night since I never have been the most stylish of people - my favourite quote as a child when arguing over getting washed or brushing my hair was 'Why does it matter, I'm not meeting the Queen?!' I don't think that stubborn little girl has ever really left!

Today has been a great day for another reason. Carl started work today as assistant manager - this is his second promotion this year. He is such a hard worker that obviously has the luck of the Irish! (and he is Irish too, according to his family tree)

I hope you all have a great week :) Next blog post 'New Poem for the Month for December' - I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

'Dragonflies in Amber' at Scratch @ Fruit

Very exciting news! I entered the first part of the play I am currently writing into a competition. We could enter an excerpt of a play of up to 10 mins - it didn't have to be finished or polished. If they really liked your play it would be read out before a live audience.

Well 'Dragonflies in Amber' (the play I mentioned in the last post) got picked!! It's going to be read out to a live audience, along with loads of others - including my Mum who also entered the play she is currently writing and got chosen too! The congratulations email I received had a personal note saying 'I really like the piece - a really original piece of work'

This is all taking place at Scratch @ Fruit on 11th of December - I now have to find two actresses to play the two main characters in my play, sounds stressful! lol. I don't know if many of my readers are around Hull in East Yorkshire, but I would be happy to see any of you there.

I'm thinking maybe I should change the name of my blog to 'Writing Musings by Jade Kennedy' because my writing career (with a lot of help, support and love from my Mum and the lovely Morgan Sproxton and Tom Wells) is talking me in a lot of different directions that I hadn't even imagined. I'll let you all know more about the story of the play later and also update you all after the big night :)

'I fear I have come here looking for answers that cannot be known to me.' 
From Dragonflies in Amber

Friday, 16 November 2012

A Play in Progress

'Her mother had a piece of amethyst in the shape of a small shoe and to her as a child and all throughout her life this was Cinderella’s slipper.

It was so small that it could have been a baby shoe but the imagination is never bound by fact, never restrained when fantasy can take you to untold heights.' 

This is an excerpt from a play I am currently writing - I won't give the title just yet as I am scared I'll jinx it! lol I said in an earlier post that I am part of a female writer's group at the minute - I wanted to expand my writing experience and meet like-minded people, and this is where I met Tom Wells. I have shown him the first draft of this play and he would like to meet up and talk more about the next step and of developing it! I was totally thrilled that he loved my writing, and very excited (I still am!).

The play is a collaboration between Mum and me - she came up with the concept of the play and will also be really involved in the artistic side - sadly I didn't inherit her wonderful artistic talents! The writing is all mine though and hopefully I will explain a bit more in the future, but for now I'm keeping it secret.  

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend :) 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Automatic Writing #6

'Winter has come this hour, the dusk settled on Autumn and the night lays heavy on a new Winter in the north - where the ground waits in anticipation coated in gold, red, and deep brown leaves, a patchwork quilt of a passing season. 
The days are shortening, the stars see more and more of the northern skyline - magic springs from every falling leaf, every rain tinted gale. The sparkle, too soon, returns to the air. The breath of mortals will soon be visible to all and Winter will hold us all in her awe, too beautiful to describe.'

It's getting really cold now here in Yorkshire and it feels like Winter is knocking at the windows. It's been really lovely watching the trees change colour outside the back of my house. This short piece of automatic writing is about my musings on the turning of Autumn to Winter - I love watching the seasons change and the seasons/nature feature a lot in my poetry. 

There is nothing much to report at the moment but I don't know if any of my readers know yet that Amazon has set up a new feature where 'Prime Members' can borrow ebooks for free! So if anyone is a member you can now borrow 'Silver Threads' for free :) 

I am still plodding along nicely with my many writing projects - my desktop is now covered in different writing files, all half finished lol

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Poetry News and Virginia Woolf

Yet it is in our idleness,

                    in our dreams,

that the submerged truth

sometimes comes to the top.

Hello everyone! :) I hope you enjoy the beautiful quote by Virginia Woolf (I love her writing) As I type this I am being deafened by a cacophony of fireworks! - they are beautiful though and there is something special about bright colours against a dark November night sky.
Maybe some of my readers from outside the UK won't know but tonight is Bonfire Night, as I used to sing as a kid 'Remember, remember the 5th of November - gunpowder, treason and plot' I didn't realise then that it was a 400 year old celebration of a foiled plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and a man being burnt at the stake! It was just a really fun night, full of food and fireworks around a massive bonfire. 

In other news 'Silver Threads' has received another 5 star review on Goodreads from the lovely Emma Ramos who interviewed me on her blog some months ago. I thought I would share her full review on here; 

'This is a beautiful, completely unpretentious poetry collection by an up-and-coming British poet. If you're looking for a small book of poems that will make you both nostalgic and cheerful, Jade Kennedy's Silver Threads will deliver as promised.'

Thank you so much Emma for the lovely review, I'm so glad you enjoyed my poetry :) 

I am also working on quite a few other projects at the moment, but I'm going to keep them quiet for the time being and hope that they grow into something amazing! Watch this space...

Happy Monday.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

New Poem of the Month for November - 'As White as Ghosts'

Separated and divided
by colour and silhouettes.
A dropped sin becomes
knowledge and something more
A broken bowl gilded with gold
becomes perfect in its imperfection
and thrown blades find the truth
of an angel with wings of crystal
that ring like wind chimes.
A smile of knowing is all
that keeps her here.

Two swords
one for each word borne
On the other side of the tree lay another season,
filled with blossom and wishful boats,
ready for the harvest.
A dagger marks the line
where a soul is caught in decision.
Go west and find who calms the fire
and find those separated by its heat.

You reach for the sun without knowing
that on the other side someone else
reaches for the moon,
fingers outstretched to whisper to another.
Let the musicians play and carry you
to find a new guise
and let the leaves fall in an undisturbed dance
onto a fair palm.
Dance towards a colourless friendship and see the eye
for what it is;
a rain blushed beauty showing you the way to another
vain girl with hair as white as ghosts .

If winged creatures could write letters
would they use a pen or a sword?
The written word melts to a black ink and forms a demon
thirsting for black thoughts
Childhood is short
and the dolls we play with
become part of the swell of past memories
to walk on their own.
A wind full of petals takes its part in a cutting of crowns
created from midnight waters;
accept the divide
and reach for each other
in the end to become
but a fragment of the whole.

Hello everyone! It's the 1st of the month again so that means a brand new poem and I love this one! 'As White as Ghosts' is inspired by 'Bad Apple' (the video link). For the most part of this year I have been obsessed with this song and I've lost count of the amount of times I've listened to it. Its been stuck in my head for months now, I even find myself singing the words. If a Japanese person could hear me they would probably be grimacing in pain! lol But I just love it all, the video and the song, I couldn't help writing a poem inspired by it. I'm sure that some of my readers who are into anime or Japanese culture will notice some little references that I added to the poem like 'gilding a bowl with gold' which is in reference to Kintsugi and also the references to ghosts which are prevalent in Japanese mythology. I would have to thank Carl for getting me into all things anime, since he is anime mad! lol 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the video and the poem, do you think I have done the song/video justice? :) 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween! - Carved Smile

Carved from firm orange flesh,
destined to glare relentlessly
with hollow transfixed eyes
and an illuminated smile of knowing.

Sculpted to honour the day of the dead
when mortals meet the afterlife,
if only for one night
their worlds collide.

A lantern to guide restless ghosts
down the well trodden path
to the hereafter.
When the night has broken
and pale November sunlight
bleaches everything it touches
with a silk-thin frozen mist,
the pumpkin wilts
to nothing more than a rotten careless smirk.

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! :) I thought I'd share 'Carved Smile' with you all on this creepy day since it's all about its most famous icon. I wrote this for a competition on a few years ago now and it's also one of the poems in 'Silver Threads' 

I don't really celebrate Halloween. It isn't really that big of a deal here in the UK but it is getting more popular every year. I do enjoy all the mythology and root traditions around it though and carving pumpkins is very interesting (I've done it once and I wasn't very good at it!) lol 

In other poetry/writing news I am really looking forward to tomorrow's 'New Poem of the Month for November' - I hope I have a few anime fans amongst my followers who will really love the video that will be included with it. Also, I said in an earlier post that I am involved in a female writers group and really enjoying it - in the last class we met the lovely, talented Tom Wells. I know it's a female writers group but he came to talk to us about the ins and outs of play writing. I got talking to him and he later came on here and read my poetry and automatic writings. He sent me an email telling me that my writing is 'beautiful' and 'the voices you write are so captivating' - I can't tell you how much this made my week :)

If any of my followers are in the UK or closer to Yorkshire, his 2011 play 'The Kitchen Sink' begins this week (2nd-17th of November) at Hull Truck Theatre -
 The Kitchen Sink by Tom Wells

Monday, 22 October 2012

Love and Colour

The centre of the universe

         is love and colour,

 never has it been

              anything more

                         or less.

Hello everyone, Happy Monday :) Just a bit of a short post today. I thought I'd share with you a quote from a piece of automatic writing and a photograph of mine too. I hope you like the photo, though I'm not much of a photographer - I thought it was pretty good. My favourite flowers are roses and sunflowers and if I remember right this single rose was from a bouquet Carl bought me. Nothing much is happening at the minute, I am concentrating more on my writing. I have written more of 'Trees' and I love where it is going. I also have an ambitious plan for New Poem of the Month for November - it's so new I haven't written it yet! It's going to be inspired by an anime music video and I'll include the video with the post, I hope you all enjoy it coz I'm quite excited by it :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Prose Pieces - Trees

'She taught me languages, by calling into the air in German, Swedish, Norwegian, rolling her northern dialect off her tongue effortlessly. She told me once that her eyes were from her Viking heritage, they were a lush green with hints of copper and silver, rimmed with a band of rich hazel. I believed her, I believed every word she said. Her mother was Russian, a tall willowy woman with smooth pale hands. She spoke with a lisp and always absently stroked the side of her face when she was nervous and had a laugh that sounded like a prayer, hollow and darkly warm. Her father was Swedish, he told me he had been born with brine in his veins, told me stories of ice across lakes as far as the eye could see and of his games on the ice and the time death missed his hand when he was a foolish light-eyed lad of thirteen. He sailed for a living and his arms were solid and heavy. His hair was cropped short, a dancing play of light between red and wet sand, eyelashes so fair they looked to be dusted with ice crystals, as if he had walked out of a fairytale wood and never looked back.'

As I promised in my last post here is 'Trees' - One of my first attempts at writing prose. I have continued writing 'Trees' and I am thinking that it might be the beginning of a story but this first part is the only 'polished' bit I have so far. I love the imagery in this and it was really lovely to write, I enjoy writing descriptions and emotions. I'm also fascinated with other cultures and loved including different languages and ancestry.

Tying in nicely with the topic of ancestry is the story that I am writing with Carl. We haven't named it yet and are unsure of the genre - it's leaning more towards a Steampunk story but I don't want to tie it down just yet. It's based loosely on our real life ancestors and is a joy to write with him. At the moment it's just a project for me and him to get the creative juices flowing but who knows maybe I will post the first few paragraphs on here and you can all tell me what you think. 
I'm hoping the flow of creativity will get stronger still since I am now signed up with a females writers group, this is based mainly around script/play writing but the class is made up of women writers from all aspects of the writing world.  It's wonderful to connect with like minded people :) I learned why this group was set up in the last class - only 17% of new theatre a year in the UK is written by women! It's a shocking statistic and it's about time this changed! 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Automatic Writing #5

'The very last of Summer's sun is made up of last year's forgotten fragments, falling gently to form a layer of the past only a few inches thick and as golden yellow as your promises. It can grow an empire, one that solidifies water and makes the waves new towering cities, lined with pale blue-veined porcelain. I would love to see this and maybe one day I would be brave enough to venture into your world, with its tall vines that grow across the dome of the skyline -  watch the flocks of birds that don’t exist in my world, with their feathers, long and slim in an unknown colour. 

'How can you live in such wonder?'...

He whispered, 'How can you live without it?'

His question hurt, he showed me in just a few words that all that breathes in my world doesn't need to. I should feed the creatures that bring joy instead of feeding myself and ignoring their pleas. I felt a deep purple shame and he told me that butterflies could see better than me, butterflies can ride an emotion better than me, and that I was like a whale - filling my lungs with sorrow and sinking to the depths, feeling the pressure crush me and smiling, repeating that I deserved this, that I want this, that this darkness and pain is life and I should be forever grateful. I shook my head in grief and he handed me a small cup of sweet tea, told me to concentrate on the present, to go colourful again and have fun.'

It's a gorgeously perfect Autumn day here in Yorkshire and life is good! My poem 'Static' is now on Poetry Brevity Review and 'Expectations' is now in Issue 3 of Eclectic Eel. Things have calmed down a bit now since the whirlwind of activity at the start of the month but things are still moving forwards.

I hope you all enjoy this offering of my automatic writings. I realised that I hadn't put an excerpt on for a month, so here is a new one :). My favourite line is the dialogue in the middle, I am still thinking of some ways to write that quote somewhere interesting, maybe with chalk on a wall (you know I like doing stuff like that lol) So watch this space.

I have been working on my automatic writings, trying to turn them into prose pieces. I have two already called 'Trees' and 'Innocent' - I am really enjoying writing them and have even sent them off to an online zine for consideration (fingers crossed) I think I will share 'Trees' on a future post sometime this month so watch out for that. 

Happy Wednesday :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Review of 'Silver Threads' by Casee Marie of Literary Inklings

When I said in 'New Poem of the Month for October' that this is my lucky month, and  that I was looking forward to what it might bring - I didn't think it would all come so fast! 'Silver Threads' has received another amazing review from Casee Marie of Literary Inklings. 

'Her works deal with simple and deeply honest reality, but they also explore the gentle and all-encompassing power of imagination, taking basic thoughts into new realms and moving her audience to consider the everyday in a different, more magical light.'

I still feel a bit in shock, but I am so thrilled and excited that 'Silver Threads' seems to be touching everyone that reads it :) You can read the whole review on Literary Inklings, also on the 'Silver Threads' Amazon page and on Goodreads.

A huge thank you to Casee Marie for a wonderful review. I am bracing myself now for what the rest of October has to offer lol 

Happy, happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Review of 'Silver Threads' by Rose Drew

'Silver Threads' has had an absolutely fantastic review from Rose Drew. She is the co-owner of Stairwell Books and even though she is American born and bred, lives in the beautiful city of York, here in England (not too far from me).

Her review has blown me away! It has increased my confidence no end.  The review is long and detailed and she has picked out lines and poems that she particularly enjoyed. I really love when readers do this - you can't love every poem in a book, but I really enjoy hearing which ones are your favourites. I even have my own favourites in my poem archive.

'This slim volume of 21 poems, most of delicate length, takes the reader on a journey from shame and regret, through nights of guilt, dark fog and ice, to a resolution of forgiveness and getting on with it. By the end of the collection, we are awash in acceptance for sins that are left unspecified.'

The full review is available to read on One&Other and also on Eclectic Eel - It was the lovely Editor of Eclectic Eel, Nicky Ellam who organised the review for me, so she has my heartfelt thanks and I owe her a drink next time I see her lol.

And of course, a huge thank you to Rose Drew who has given me so much today.

Monday, 1 October 2012

New Poem of the Month for October - Paper Tree

Paper Tree

You said
that I, as subtle as Autumn
dried out the leaves
starved them of love
faded them to a brittle gold
all on a cold starless whim.
But you never wanted to see
that the leaves were
ornate tissue paper,
the bark flaking paint.

The light wood,
nothing more than tightly rolled parchment
The whole copper tinted woods
a lie fused to a mirage.
Many winters back you refused
to plant the very seed
that would have replaced this
paper tree, in this printed wood.
The ground beneath lays cold and untouched
and I cannot neglect that which is not real.

Wow, I can't believe that it's October already - where has the year gone! I just love Autumn it's my favourite season, I love all the leaves turning and falling, the dark crisp nights and that unmistakable smell of Autumn in the air. This is why I have chosen 'Paper Tree' for this month's New Poem of the Month. I love trees and I love Autumn, so it's a great combination. Actually October is my favourite month, I don't know if anyone else has a favourite month or it's just me!? lol It's always seems to be my lucky month, things tend to happen for me in October, so we shall wait and see if this month lives up to its reputation.

'Paper Tree' is a bit of a dark-ish poem but I think it has great imagery and atmosphere, it's a bit difficult to explain what it is about and what inspired me. I'd love to hear what my readers think it's about :)

There are a few things coming up this month, The Universe Inside: Poetry Anthology is now available in paperback from Amazon. 'Silver Threads' will be getting reviewed this month, I received an email the other day saying that the review will be on her blog within the next week or so. My poem 'Expectations' will be in the 3rd issue of Eclectic Eel (a fantastic Hull-based zine) and my poem 'Static' will be in the 2nd issue of Brevity Poetry Review. I promise to post some links when they are live.

Happy Monday everyone and fingers crossed for me that this is MY month :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Universe Inside - Poetry Anthology

As Within

It was a languid feeling,
like having fish swim up my veins.
Their gossamer tails
settled like lace over
an emotion that I feared to name.

Then I felt stars pinprick the
inside of my palms,
the infinite blackness of space
laying lightly across my back.

I felt lilies press against the curve of my ribs
and I knew that only I
could feel like this
when left alone in a deafening silence.

Hello everyone, 
Just a quick post to share the poetry anthology that my poem (above) is in. If you remember in an earlier post I said I had entered a poetry competition on a Facebook group ~the groups owner, Eva, decided that all the poems entered were fantastic and she wanted to make this anthology. At the moment it is only available on Amazon but a paperback version will be ready on the 5th of October via Createspace.  I will feature a link when that is available, don't worry :) Also 30% of the proceeds will be donated to The Whole Planet Foundation and The World Wildlife Trust. 

I hope you enjoy 'As Within' ~ I think it might become another one of my favourites. I am very pleased with myself at creating such beautiful imagery lol *smug face*. I have had one hell of a good week and managed to get myself another review acceptance for 'Silver Threads' ~ this one won't be until December/January but still I think something must be working for me! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Poetry News and Pablo Neruda

I grew up in this town, 
my poetry was born between the hill and the river, 
it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber,
             it steeped itself in the forests. 
                                                                  Pablo Neruda

I finally have some news! Just in case you are holding your breath ~ no it's not about the paperback version of 'Silver Threads' but about my amazing little ebook that has been accepted for review three times in 2 days! I called this Bus Logic on Twitter! lol Nothing for ages and ages and then three come along at once. The first two are from a list of book bloggers who review poetry, sent to me by the lovely Emma Ramos (who has interviewed me on her blog before). One is from Ohio in the US and the other is from Delhi in India - I'm getting all over the world. :) The third reviewer is based in the UK and actually in my own neck of the woods, beautiful Yorkshire and was recommended to me by a friend. I won't say too much about the blogs/websites as yet, I'll let you all know when the reviews are live and share the links when I hear back from them. I don't know any time-frame yet, since the book bloggers are a busy lot and all have a 'to-be-read list' as long as their arm. 

I decided that I wanted to include the amazing Pablo Neruda along with my poetry news today since he is my favourite poet! I wish I could write like him, I think he was a word-genius. So I went googling him and discovered that he died 39 years ago today! I think it was a sign to finally have his beautiful quotes/poetry on my blog, so there he is. I really love this quote and it's so humbling to think of poetry as born from nature and beauty.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend :)